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Richard the 1st

The Essex Chess Association was founded in 1898, yet it has taken until 2016 to hold its first Blitz Championship!

IM Richard Pert is the first Essex Blitz Champion, the inaugural tournament being held at Wansted on 24 September. Perhaps not a shock result, but Richard was held to a draw by three of the assembled hopefuls, FM Andy Lewis, David Spearman and Jeff Goldberg, but ultimately could not be prevented from becoming the first Blitz Champion, by a margin of one point, with 6½/8.

David Spearman and Russell White tied =2nd on 5½, while the U180 Grading Prize was won by British U16 Champion, Elliot Cocks, with 5/8 and the U135 Grading Prize went to Charlton Siddo, 4/8. The David Wood Memorial Trust Essex Junior Prize was another accolade for Elliot Cocks. The Slow Starters Prize (0/2) was awarded to Mark Rivlin having recovered his poor start to reach 4/8.

22 had entered, but two did not materialise, so the participating entry was 20. A withdrawal of one after five rounds gave a temporary need for a Bye in R6, but the even number of entrants, now down to 18, was restored with a sympathetic withdrawal after R6.

While readers of the website could follow events on the Internet with update of results throughout the afternoon, the same was unfortunately not the case in the playing room. The planned use of the Roding Room Smart Board to use the website display as its wall chart was defeated by the local installation not being able to connect to the Internet, for a reason that could not be established. This was out of character with the Wanstead & Woodford CC experience which has successfully used the equipment a dozen times without hitch. Pity.

Blitz Pairings & Results

Barking B in Plate smash and grab

KO Plate Final: Wanstead B 5-5* Barking B *Barking B win on Board Count
20 September 2016, at Wanstead.

An audacious smash and grab heist saw Barking B pull off a shock result in the Plate Final, overcoming a significant grading disadvantage to stun the Home team. Barking's 4-1 performance in R1 did the damage. Wanstead B reversed the score in R2, but this hides John White's generous draw offer in a winning position, knowing that Barking had the Board Count win.

Many congratulations to Barking B on a stunning result. Full details via the link below.

KO Plate Final 2016

1st Essex Blitz Championship

== LAST Reminder ==

Saturday 24 September, 2016
At Wanstead House


Doors Open: 13:00
Registration: 13:10
Round 1: 13:30
Clear venue by: 18:00

Controller: Ian Hunnable (ECA Tournament Secretary)

This is an 'Essex Closed' event. Find full details on the Blitz Page, link below.


** Register in advance pay cash on the day. **

Entry Fee: £10, Juniors £6

Email entry to:

PLEASE DO register in advance. We have to populate the tournament software with each entrant from file; doing this in advance saves time on the day, when we will only have half an hour to set everything up before the start of R1. If you subsequently find you cannot play, just email again; it is quicker to remove a player than to put one in!

Your attention is drawn to the ECA Safeguarding Policy

Blitz Page | Controller's Notices (incl Blitz Rules) | Entries to date

ECA Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding is the new term for Child Protection. In line with changes in child protection legislation, the Essex Chess Association has reviewed its Child Protection Policy, appointing in the process a Safeguarding Officer, namely Mark Murrell. Mark's first task has been to produce the new ECA Safeguarding Policy, which is launched today and replaces the previous ECA Child Protection Policy.

The new provisions can be accessed on the Safeguarding page on this site (link below), from which readers can download six documents covering various aspects of Safeguarding. The Safeguarding page can always be found in the Corporate menu at the bottom of every page and the Quick Links menu in the masthead of this page.

The ECA acknowledges to the work in this field of the English Chess Federation, Sussex Junior Chess Association and Wanstead House Community Association and for the assistance of the Essex Junior Chess Association.


Essex brave defence not enough

The 2015/16 Correspondence competition has now finished and detailed results are available on the correspondence section of the website. Although the competition is called Correspondence all moves are in fact played on a webserver which is easy to use and very efficient.

Essex A put up a brave defence in the Ward Higgs and scored a fine 11 out of 16 (6 wins, 10 draws) which was half a point better than last years winning score. However this was only good enough for 2nd place behind a very strong Yorkshire side (current British champion on Board 5!!) who scored an excellent 12 out of 16.

The B team, also in the Ward Higgs, scored a very creditable 8 points for 7th place out of 10 teams.

In the Sinclair, Essex C, as reigning champions had a disaster and could only muster 5½ points to finish 9th out of 10 teams and thus be relegated. The D team fared better and scored 7 points to finish 7th.

I need at least 4 more players for the coming season if we are to continue running 4 teams - please email me at if you are interested - it is just 2 games a year. It would be a shame not to take up our place in division 3 which we would have a good chance of winning.

Steve Abbott


1st Essex Blitz Championship

Saturday 24 September, 2016
At Wanstead House

Doors Open: 13:00; Registration: 13:10; Round 1: 13:30;
Clear Venue by: 18:00

Controller: Ian Hunnable (ECA Tournament Secretary)

This is an 'Essex Closed' event.

For full details, visit the Bltz page, links below

Essex Blitz | Entries to date

Essex Chess Association

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