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Normal service is resumed

We apologise to our readers for unavailability of the site over the last couple of days. We had a technical issue which we won't bore you with, but all is now fine again.

Double disappointment

Two Essex teams visited Surrey at Coulsdon, but both came away empty-handed, each by the odd point.

SCCU U180: Surrey 8½-7½ Essex
At Coulsdon. Two closely-matched sides, the result perhaps swayed by home advantage. Essex now have two home fixtures (Middx and Surrey) to secure qualification.

Other match: Middxx 11½-4½ Sussex (Sussex defaulted four boards)

U180 page | Aggregate stats | SCCU CCC Website

SCCU U100: Surrey 6½-5½ Essex
At Coulsdon. Essex actually had the edge on grades, but Surrey shaded the day with five wins against four from Essex (Findlay Lister on top board, Nigel White, Les Groombridge and Urbi Modhura).

U100 page | Aggregate stats | SCCU CCC Website

U140 match postponed

Tomorrow's (Saturday) U140 match v Middx is being rescheduled on account of planned rail engineering work.

Hopefully, this will be a bonus for Gavin Strachan, U180 captain, who was one short for the U180 trip to play Surrey at Coulsdon.

Southend Easter 2017

Details of the 2017 Southend Easter Chess Congress, 14-17 April 2017, have been announced on the oroganisers' new website (link below).

Main features:

  • Annual chess festival now in its 61st year;
  • Date: 14-17 April 2017;
  • Venue: Southend Adult Community College, Ambleside Drive, Southend, SS1 2UN;
  • ALL tournaments are now 7 rounds;
  • FIDE Rated Open with British Qualifying Place;
  • You can take two half point byes (before the last round);
  • Parking is free - lots of space;
  • Start 11am, finish by 8pm - easily commutable;
  • All events 90 minutes per player + 30 seconds a move throughout;
  • Top boards live on the internet;

Once again the individual Essex titles  will be awarded at the Congress as follows:
Essex Champion - to the highest placed eligible competitior in the FIDE Open;
Essex U160 Champion - to the highest placed eligible competitior in the Leigh-on-Sea U170 Changed - previously awarded in the Open.

The increase in the number of rounds in the former "Weekenders" sections from five rounds to seven rounds is offset by the availability of TWO half point byes to each entrant provided: i) the bye(s) are requested with entry; ii) may not be taken in the last round. In this way, competitors who previously entered the Weekenders because they were only five rounds, can retain a five round presence if desired, although one of the rounds played must be on the Monday morning (the last round).

The new Southend Congress website is still in process of construction, but the online entry form is one of the first features to have been added! Follow from the link below.

Congress Website - for details and online entry

Close, but no cigar

SCCU Open: Middx 9-7 Essex
At Willesden. Middx put out their strongest team of the season - this was Middx' third fixture, but Essex' first, thanks to the Sussex postponement - Anthony Fulton remarked "we thought Essex would be stronger". However, while the Essex squad was a good Minor Counties line-up, the competition was the SCCU Open; Mark Murrell, Essex Match Captain, observed that the Essex line-up was, "depleted with ailments, trips and exams". Nonetheless, the Essex squad that made the trek to Willesden - Steve Rix deputising as captain in Mark's absence - gave a good account of themselves, producing a grading performance of +10 including wins in both games against Middx' titled players and several other notable performances.

Other match: Kent 9½-6½ Surrey (Surrey defaulted two boards)

Open page | Aggregate statsSCCU CCC Website

Mixed fortunes

SCCU U140: Herts 9½-6½ Essex
At Gadebridge. Having won away to Kent in the opening fixture, Essex came down to earth with a bang away to Herts, going down 9½-6½. Herts won the bottom three.

Other match: Sussex 5½-10½ Kent

U140 pageAggregate stats | CCC Website

SCCU U100: Essex 7-5 Kent
At Wanstead. The day before the match, Kent declared five defaults. This was ameliorated to four defaults on the day, but that's bad enough over 12 boards. Kent actually won 5-3 on the contested boards, but four points is too much to spot the national Champions, or anyone come to that; Essex took the match to remain undefeated.

U100 page| Aggregate stats | CCC Website

SCCU U180: Essex 16-0 w/o Sussex
As previously reported, Sussex conceded this fixture, unable to raise a team. The good news is that Essex receive 2 points; the bad news is that Game Points in defaulted matches are discounted in the event of tie-break at the end of the competitions.

Other match: Middx 8-8 Surrey

U180 page | CCC Website

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