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Murrell's marauders mighty

SCCU Open: Sussex 8½-7½ Essex
At Hassocks. Statistically it should have been a 10-6 home win, but was very nearly a steal by the visitors. Gavin had the misfortune to lose his winning game on the clock when either flag could have dropped (analogue clock). And he had passed up the chance of seeing West Ham beat Chelsea, to support the team! Once more, Essex produced a stirling performance in a losing cause. One day...

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Loughton Christmas Rapid

Wednesday, 13 December 2017
at Loughton Chess Club

Loughton CC will be holding a Christmas Rapid, this coming Wednesday, 13 December 2017, at their venue: Loughton Bowling Club, Eleven Acre Rise, LOUGHTON, Essex  IG10 1AN. MAP

  • 5 Rounds;
  • 15 mins per player per game;
  • NOT graded;
  • FREE entry;
  • Registration 19:30 - 19:45, don't be late;

Please use this email link for: ENQUIRIES

A convivial evening's Rapid chess.

Essex home double

SCCU U180: Essex 8½-7½ Surrey
At Wanstead House. Surrey must be regretting the non-appearance of their Board 2, with the match decided by the odd point. Steve Rix had the honour of scoring the winning point after an exchange sacrifice. The other match being drawn looks like a good result for Essex.

Other match: Middx 8-8 Kent
Positions: Kent 1½/2, Essex, Surrey 1/2, Middx ½/1, Sussex 0/1.

SCCU U140: Essex 10½-5½ Kent
At Wanstead House. Essex on a roll with three wins from three to top the table by two clear points. Happy skipper, Charlton Siddo, reports excellent performances from the talented Essex Juniors in a convincing victory. You can read Charlton's report on the U140 page.

Other matches: Middx 7½-8½ Herts, Sussex 7-9 Surrey.

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Essex stay in touch

SCCU U160: Essex 8-8 Middx
At Wanstead House. "A match which had everything", acting skipper Mark Murrell so described this encounter. Essex suffered a default and the early exchanges across the board threatened a Middx juggernaut. Essex resilience came to the fore to right the balance and even threaten a narrow victory, only for Middx to square things at the end.

Other match: Surrey 9½-6½ Kent. After 1st cycle: Middx 2½/3; Essex 1½, Kent, Surrey 1.

SCCU U120: Essex 7½-4½ Kent
At Wanstead House. A possible default also affected this match, with the Kent Board 1 showing up only after he had been substituted. The Essex winning advantage was, however, convincing. Essex top the table with two wins, but each of the other teams has played only one match.

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Appeal outcome

SCCU U180: Kent 8-7 Essex - after penalty applied for ungraded player.
The match as played was a win to Kent by 10-6. However, the Kent Board 11 did not have a published grade, but was nonetheless cleared by the County Match Controller after the event; Rule 5(c)(2)(i) of the SCCU County Match Rules specifies prior clearance. Essex raised an objection and the CMC referred the matter to the Rules and Appeals Committee. The decision, now received, upheld the appeal. This does not change the result of the match, but does adjust the Game Points to Kent 8-7 Essex; Game Points might, of course, become important in the final analysis.

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Busy weekend

SCCU U180: Kent 10-6 Essex
At Dartford. Played at Not the Mick Jagger Centre. Kent have a new venue, round the corner from Mick Jagger at St Anselm's Parish Centre. All Kent's home matches will be played at St Anselm's, with the exception of the Open fixture which will be played at Rochester. In the present fixture, Kent gave their new home a good welcome, which is more than they gave today's visitors! Regardless of the outcome, we found the new venue offered spacious and comfortable playing conditions and especially quiet.

Skipper Gavin had to work hard to complete the team, not long before looking at three defaults. In the end, only illness prevented the full 16 taking the field. One of the Kent players is ungraded, but does not appear on the cleared players list, which if confirmed will change the score to 8-7 with penalty points, but won't change the result; we wait to hear. Update 5 Nov: The player has today appeared on the "cleared" list, with an estimation of 160 and today's date, but no explanation of the circumstances. The Rules require "prior" clearance and, while the result of the match might not change, Game Points might be important. We think this story might run. Update 6 Nov: The matter has been referred to the Rules and Appeals Panel.

SCCU U140: Essex 9½-6½ Herts
At Wanstead House. The U140 team brought Essex its only success on a busy day. In a blood-thirsty encounter, Essex scored 8 wins to 5 with just three draws.

SCCU U100: Essex 4½-7½ Surrey
At Wanstead House. In the third of the day's fixtures, Essex were disappointed in the opening U100 fixture. This is a surprising reverse as Essex had a slight edge on the grades of an average 3.6 GP per board. In such circumstances, one is reminded of the words of Harry Woolverton: "If you could tell the result of a chess match just by looking at the teams on paper, chess would be a very dull game indeed!"

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