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Essex Rapid 2017

Sunday 16 July 2017, at Scout HQ, Paradise Road, Writtle CM1 3HW

The Essex Rapid has been held in Writtle for several years now, but this year found a new venue, Scout HQ in Paradise Road. There were 32 entries, six players down on the last two years, but split over three sections rather than four. The Major with only five entries was rationalised by Malcolm Kingsley generously transferring to the Open leaving four players to contest a double round all-play-all. The Open and the Minor can be followed on the Tournament Pages link below. For the Major, you will find the pairings and results on the Rapid 2017 page.

The Open finished with IM Richard Pert and FM Andrew Lewis tied on 4½/6, with Richard Pert retaining his Rapid Champion title by half a tie-break point (17.5 to Andrew's 17 on Sum of Progressive Scores). David Spearman was third on 4 including a draw with Richard, and Kerry Chilvers won the U175 Grading Prize with 3/6.

The four-player Major was keenly contested with an exciting finish as Egor Latypov and David Smith, tied on 3½/5 at the start of the last round, experienced different fortunes. Egor was held to a draw by Andrew Willoughby while David Smith, anticipating the need to win, overpressed and lost, allowing Ed Porter to come up on the rails to join Egor in 1st place and share the cash.

The Minor was dominated by Ryan Smith who reeled off 5/5 before coasting in with a closing draw to win on 5½/6. Mark Johnson came second on 5, having lost only to Ryan, whille Christopher Willoughby was third on 4½. Keen competition for the two grading prizes saw each shared by two players, all four scoring 3/6. The U175 Grading Prize was split between Madison Bowden and Olga Latypova while the U95 Grading Prize was divided between Christopher Wray and Ethan Yau.

With thanks to Ivor Smith for locating this excellent venue and hosting this year's Rapid, providing the refreshments, etc. and to Mark Murrell for providing assistance throughout the event.

Next speed event is the second ECA Blitz Championship at Wanstead on Saturday, 23 September 2017. Don't miss it.

Tournament Pages LINK:  Pairings & Results ETC
This link will take you to the Open section. From there, the dropdown menu at the top of the page, under the 'Home' tab will provide links to the Open and Minor sections. The Major details can be found on the Rapid 2017 Page - link below.

Entry Form | Writtle venue map | Rapid 2017 page | ECA Safeguarding Policy

Essex Knockout

Round 1 of this year's Essex Rapidplay Knockout has been completed, with the following results.

Match A: BARKING A 6-4 Loughton
Match B: UPMINSTER A 4-6 Wanstead B
Match C: WRITTLE - Bye to Match H
Match D: BASILDON 7-3 Wanstead C
Match E: Barking B 3½-6½ ILFORD
Match F: WANSTEAD A 7-3 Upminster B

Seeded teams in CAPS. Full details via the Knockout competition tables.

The KO Quarter-finals give rise to the following pairings:

Match H: Wanstead B v WRITTLE

with BARKING A and WANSTEAD A each having a Bye to the Semi-Finals.

The Plate QF comprises one match Wanstead C v Barking B, with Loughton, UPMINSTER A and Upminster B each having a Bye to the Plate SF.

Essex Knockout

Essex Rapid 2017


After further consideration and in the light of views expressed, I have decided on two modifications to the Rapid on 16 July:

  • The lowest section is raised to U120 with an U95 grading prize.
  • The entry concession to the grade limited sections will apply provided that the two grades are not more than 10 points apart and that when the lower grade is standard play, it is at least a Category D.

The problem with grade limited sections is that someone is always just above the grade cap chosen and feels unable to compete in the higher section. Flexibility around the chosen point and sections not too far apart is the aim. On consideration, the latter aim had not been achieved, hence the adjustment. I hope that the adjustment and further clarification on the grade concession will be received in the spirit intended.

Ian Hunnable
Tournament Secretary

For links see previous article.

Essex Rapid 2017

Sunday, 16 July 2017, Scout HQ, Paradise Road, Writtle CM1 3HW

Less than two weeks to go to get your entry in. Online entry available - link below.

We have introduced an entry concession for the grading limited sections, having dropped the Intermediate this year and reduced the Major to U150. The concession relates to players who have two published grades - standard and rapid - one above, one below the entry criteria for the graded sections. Such players may choose which grade to use for entry and therefore will be accepted for entry to the lower section using their lower grade. Repeat: this relates to players having two published grades (one standard one rapid). - NB See update article above.

Subject to there being a signal at the venue, we shall be blogging round-by-round result live throughout the day. You can find the links to the Tournament pages viat the main menu and the Rapid 2017 page.

Entry Form (pdf) | Venue Map | Online Entry | Rapid 2017 page

Essex champs!

ECF U120 Final
Middx 5½-6½ Essex

At Leamington Spa. Essex have won the U120 Final against Middx. The win was achieved with two games to spare as, at 6-4, Essex had a win on Board Count even if the last two games were lost. Essex showed great resilience as Middx had the early advantage, three times holding the lead in the early stages. Essex held their nerve and came back in the second half of the match to stretch over the winning line.

Many congratulations to the team and to skipper Malcolm Crane on a fantastic season, capped with the best result.

Read Mark Murrell's detailed blog of blow-by-blow developments. Riveting. (Go to the U120 page and click on the "Middx - F" tab, scroll down below the match table.)

2 Jul: - We have now added the games of Kyan and Findlay, and a picture Gallery. All on the U120 page.

U120 page | ECF results page

Essex Rapid Championsip 2017

Sunday, 16 July 2017, Scout HQ, Paradise Road Writtle CM1 3HW

The Entry Form for the Essex Rapid Championship 2017 is published. Note: the new set of FIDE Laws of Chess incepting 1 July 2017 remove the "play" from "Rapidplay"; it's now Rapid Chess.

Full details in Entry Form, link below, or visit the Rapid page. Round 1 starts at 10.15 am, 15 minutes later than previous events, to allow those travelling by public transport to get the number 45 bus from Chelmsford at 09.44 am.

ONLINE ENTRY is now available through PayPal. You can pay with your credit card; you don't need a PayPal account. Online entry is now our preferred method, but those who wish to can still pay cash on the day, but are asked to register in advance if they intend playing, so that we can populate the tournament software in advance.

We plan to blog round-by-round results live throughout the day, subject to internet connection at the venue: our experience at the recent Team Blitz and Lightning demonstrates that even in 2017 this cannot be taken for granted!

Note: Tournament pages are now published. Access from the main menu (Activities/Speed Events/Rapid...) or the Rapid page link below. Until the tournament starts, only the 'Players by Name' and 'Players by Rating' pages are available. Entry lists will update as players are added.

Rapid pageEntry Form (pdf) | Venue map (pdf) | Online Entry | ECA Safeguarding Policy

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