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2017-18 Speed events

Dates are now in the Calendar for the remaining speed events of the season:

  • Sunday 24 June 2018
    Essex Rapid Championship, at Writtle
  • Sunday 1 July 2018
    Essex Team Blitz Championship, 10.00 am at Ilford CC
  • Sunday 1 July 2018
    Essex Lightning Championship, 2.30 pm at Ilford CC

All are Essex closed events.

Fuller details and Entry Forms in due course, in the meantime, these are fixed dates for your diary.

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Full House!

With four matches today in the SCCU County Championships, it was busy day for Essex! With a varied spread of results, the day ended with the best news of all: a full house of all six Essex teams qualified for the national stages of the ECF County Championships. Match Captain Mark Murrell asks when this was last achieved "Minor Counties aside". We believe this is a first. In 2012-13 Essex qualified six teams, but one of those was in the Minor Counties competition, i.e. the Open team finished fourth in the SCCU and was offered a Minor Counties place. Before 2009-10 there were only five sections.

Read Mark Murrell on the Teams page

SCCU Open: Essex 13-3 Surrey
At Wanstead. With a rare chance of qualification to the ECF Open section, Essex interests were boosted when Surrey declared two defaults, increasing to three by the start. A further default win accrued when the Surrey Board 11 failed to appear. Essex were naturally up for the contest scoring 7-1 plus four draws over the contested boards. News from Dartford of a draw in the Kent-Sussex fixture confirmed Essex' qualification for the "national stages". The games of Richard Pert and Jeff Goldberg are included in the Open team page (links below).

Other match: Kent 8-8 Sussex

SCCU U160: Kent 7½-7½ Essex
At Dartford. For much of the afternoon, Kent held an advantage of up to three points, but Essex fought hard and late in the day pulled back the deficit to square the scores with the last game to finish. Tense, nail-biting stuff, but Essex qualify "by the skin of their teeth" (MM). We have included Colin Ramage's game (bottom of the U160 page).

Other match: Surrey 6-10 Middx

SCCU U120: Essex 4½-7½ Surrey
At Wanstead. Essex had a point start, but within three results, Surrey had edged into the lead. While Essex pulled back this early deficit at 2-2, after that Surrey gradually pulled away, finishing with a win by three points at 4½-7½. The result, however, did not prevent Essex qualification to the "national stages".

Other match: Kent 6-6 Herts

SCCU U100: Surrey 5-4 Essex
At Cheam. As neither Captain could raise a full team it was agreed to play the match over nine boards. Middx having withdrawn from this section, the remaining two teams, Essex and Surrey, were automatically qualified for the ECF stages.

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Snowed off!

The weekend's County match fixtures have been postponed due to the arctic weather conditions.

The Essex U140 match v Middx will now be played on 17 March (original new date as reported earlier was 24 Mar, but since changed).

The other two U140 matches also have been postponed: Kent v Surrey and Herts v Sussex.

The U180 match Kent v Surrey has also fallen. The only match we have not yert heard about is U180 Middx v Sussex but this is also expected to be postponed.

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Fist pumps all round

SCCU Open: Kent 7½-8½ Essex
At Rochester. Long has it been forecast, now it has happened. The Essex Open team, so used to punching above its weight only to be the valiant losers, today delivered, away to Kent at a new venue in Rochester. The visiting Essex team with an average grade of 182, faced a Kent line-up with an average grade of 194 - plus 12 a board average. Nine of the home team were graded 200+ against Essex' two in that category. We will need to check the records, but suspect this is the first Essex win against Kent since Essex beat Kent in the 2005-06 national Final. Today's Kent team was even stronger than then! More commentary on the Open page and a game.

Update on the modern history of this fixture: since the Essex ECF Championship win of 2005-06, there was a draw 8-8 in 2006-07, and Essex wins in 2007-08 and 2011-12 (both by 9½-6½ and both away). The intervening eight seasons saw Kent win.

SCCU U160: Middx 8½-7½ Essex
At Willesden. Conditions in Willesden are reported to have been "arctic" with the heating either not on or on too late to be effective and no hot drinks. Essex were two down in the closing stages, but with prospects to level the scores. One converted to the win, but in the other Middx held the draw for a home win by the odd point.

Other match: Kent 8½-7½ Surrey

SCCU U120: Middx 6½-5½ Essex
At Willesden. Playing alongside the U160 match in the same conditions, similar story unfolded, though with 11 results in, scores were level. Middx won the last game to finish to snatch the result. Malcolm Crane's report can be found on the U120 page, Middx tab.

Other match: Surrey 7½-4½ Kent

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Ron Pricket

Funeral arrangements for Ron Prickett from Malcolm Crane:

The funeral will be held at Corbetts Tey Crematorium, Ockendon Road Upminster RM14 2UY

On 26th February at 11.20am.

After the service there will be a wake at Thurrock Chess Club, venue at the East Thurrock Community Association, Stanford-le-Hope.

77 Corringham Road Stanford-le-Hope SS17 0NU

Car park via Hassenbrook Road.

Please email or telephone Malcolm Crane (see the Thurrock page for Malcolm's number) to advise if you will be attending as the family would like some idea of the numbers.

Terry Field

As if losing Ron was not enough, Malcolm has some more sad news:

I have some very sad news regarding Terry Field, he had been suffering from lung cancer and passed away in Hospital on Tuesday [13 February]. 

His family was there at his side and I will pass on any more information as and when I find out any more details as to funeral arrangements etc.

We offer our condolences to Ron and Terry's families and Thurrock Chess Club for their respective loss. - WM.

Last chance slips away

SCCU U180: Essex 7-9 Middx
At Wanstead. Not exactly 'title on the line', because Middx still have a game in hand and Kent have two in hand, but for Essex certainly 'last chance saloon' so far as the SCCU crown was concerned. It was the usual tense, too-close-to-call affair, all-square with five or six to go and it was Middx who edged a couple of knife-edge games. Just as well Essex had already qualified.

SCCU U100: Essex 8-4 Middx
At Wanstead. A most unsatisfactory afternoon. Middx made contact on the Friday evening before the match to say at that time they had only six players. A further email (at 4.00 am Saturday!) said they will most probably have six or seven players, but late on the Saturday (12.25 pm) the final count was only five Middx players on their way. At no time did Middx formally concede any boards, until the last email, by which time it was too late for any Essex players to be saved the trip. Middx won the games played 4-1. Fuller account on the U100 page, Middx (H) tab.

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