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County Fixtures are final

The revision period for the SCCU County Championships fixtures has now expired and the Fixture List is now official. You can find the dates at the new County Championships website:

...and select Calendar from the "League 2016-17" menu.

We shall now populate the Calendar on the ECA website.

On the Essex team captains front, the captains for 2016-17 (with email) are:

Open - Mark Murrell
U180 - Gavin Strachan
U160 - Peter Nickals
U140 - Charlton Siddo  (replaces Simon Moth)
U120 - Malcolm Crane
U100 - Malcolm Crane (team selection) and John Chapman (M/C on the day)
(replaces Peter Hughes)

Regarding the change of U140 captaincy, ECA Match Captain, Mark Murrell, has commented: "I am pleased to announce that Charlton Siddo is the new skipper of the U140 team. Thank you to Geoff Cooper and Mark Rivlin for their offers of support which should make the transition a smooth one. Thanks too to Simon Moth for his 10 years of dedicated service. Charlton will be picking up the reins in a couple of weeks time. In the meantime I am helping out."

Also standing down is U100 captain, Peter Hughes, after four seasons, including two national County Championships (2012-13 and 2015-16) - thank you, Peter! Thanks to Malcolm Crane for stepping into the breach as U100 selector, with John Chapman acting as 'M/C on the day' of each match. The email alias will reach both Malcolm and John.

Essex players who are not yet involved in the County Match Programme, but who would like to represent the County, are invited to contact the appropriate team captain as above, or Match Captain, Mark Murrell. Further information on the Essex County teams set up can be found via the County Teams side panel on the right of the screen.

The 2016-17 County Teams pages are now published - no matches played yet, so they are pretty bare at the moment! - and can be accessed as usual via the Activities/Teams selection from the Main menu. The 2015-16 Teams data has now been archived and can be found via the Archive/Activities Archive selection from the Main menu.

August Revision is out

The August Revision of the July 2016 Grading List has been published on the ECF Grading Database website. The August Revision contains the grades which will dictate eligibility in the grading-limited County Championships teams.

Click the image or the link below.

August Revision

1st Essex Blitz Championship - ENTRIES INVITED

Saturday, 24 September 2016 at Wanstead House

Doors Open: 13:00 Registration: 13:10 Round 1: 13:30
Clear venue by: 18:00

See the Tournament page for entries to date and live pairings and results during the event.

Principal conditions (see Entry Form link below):

  • An 'Essex closed' event;
  • ECA Membership required (except for Essex Juniors) Read more;
  • Rate of play: 5 minutes + 4 seconds per move incremental (equivalent to 9 minutes on each clock for 60 moves);
  • FIDE Laws of Chess for Blitz;
  • Entry Fee £10, Juniors £6;
  • One section - Swiss pairing, 7-9 Rounds depending on entry;
  • Tie-break, if there is a tie for first place: 1 Sum of Progressive Scores, 2 Sum of Opponents' Scores (Buccholtz);
  • Prizes, including Grading Prize(s), according to entry;
  • Essex Junior Prize by David Wood Memorial Trust;
  • Light refreshments will be available;

 Register in advance pay cash on the day

Email entry to: Essex Blitz with NAME and CLUB. Help;

Download: Entry Form

Provisional County Fixtures

The provisional fixture list for the 2016-17 season has been published - follow the link below.

Simon Moth's grade is 141 making him ineligible for the U140 team he captained last season and he does not wish to continue as a non-playing captain, so a new U140 captain is being sought - volunteers, form a queue. We have until 24 August before entries need to be confirmed; no skipper, no team, so now is the time for candidates to step forward, please - email ECA Match Captain Mark Murrell, if willing and able.

There is a new home for the SCCU County Championships:

The new site is, however, work in progress, so we are continuing to provide the provisional fixtures document:

Provisional Fixture List 2016-17 Controller's Revision 2

Updates are possible to this article and/or its attachment: latest update 17 Aug 2016 13:53

Elliot is British U16 Champion

Elliot Cocks added to Essex' accolades with the U16 Championship, winning his last round game this morning.

Elliot had a half point lead after R4, but lost in R5. Fortunately, the other results were favourable as he retained the lead, albeit now in a three-way tie, with Alexandre Warr-Esser and Imogen Camp. In these circumstances, though, it is easy to lose focus and let your rivals surge past. So Elliot takes a lot of credit for battling back from his R5 loss and win his remaining two games.

Elliot's R6 win against Cassie Graham kept him in the lead and, since the other two leaders played each other - Warr-Esser winning - Elliot now only had one rival, whom he had beaten in R4. In the final round, Warre-Esser could only draw, while Elliot won to take the U16 crown by half a point. Congratulations Elliot!

Elliot's work is not done: he is still playing in the Major Open (rest day tomorrow) and tomorrow starts in the U15 Championship,.in which he finished =2nd last year.

Essex at the British

Essex' cup runneth over

The British Championships congress at Bournemouth is just into Day 3, but already there is plenty to cheer for Essex interests, all courtesy of the Pert family.

IM Richard Pert won the Rapidplay Open with 9½/11, but daughter Nina, had already bagged the British Girls U8 crown, on Day 1, shared with Keerthana Easwar. On Day 3, the second day of two, Nina Pert added the British Girls U9 title, tied with with Radha Ratnesan on 4/6. What a special time for the Pert family; let's hope dad Richard can concentrate on the task in hand as he begins his British Championship campaign.

You can follow the exploits of Essex players in Bournemouth through our "Essex at the British" Blog.

Essex at the British


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